Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dr. George Tiller Investigation Expanded

Rachel Maddow on Monday Night US Eastern Time told us that the Justice Department has empaneled a Grand Jury in Wichita Kansas to investigate whether the murderer of Tiller, Scott Roeder, worked alone. Was there a conspiracy to murder Tiller in Kansas, egged on by Fox TV and the likes of Rush Limbaugh on his radio show. The FBI, was an observer of the trial of Roader and must have become interested in the people who attended in the gallery. Supporters of Roeder, consisting of previously convicted bombers and failed assassins along with friends and family. The FBI agents must have observed enough from that crowd to open a Federal Enquiry. The Homeland Security and other agencies were called in to enhance this investigation. Perhaps we will find out more of this un Christian group that proclaims murder is OK and hate is good. Clifford Dubery- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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