Friday, November 04, 2011

Technology and Democracy

Ever since the introduction of the printing press, the success of the revolutions both protestant and others was made possible by this new technology that meant the clergy or priests (if you like) could no longer monopolise the world of ideas.  Now almost any literate person could publish pamphlets and books on political ideas and commentaries linking them directly with current events at the time of course.

This has been reflected with the recent out break of Democracy around the world starting in Tunisia, Egypt, then Libya and then on to other Middle East nations.  This was a surprise to the press and the ruling oligarchs, as well as the Wests intelligence services. The reason for this ignorance was simply the means used was the Twitter, Facebook and mobile Phones with similar apps. This has ment a serious organisational skill amongst the young generally ignored by my own age cohort who are in power.  Thus the concerns raised became a serious issue apparently out of the blue. The corruption amongts the Genarlas and Dictators could no longer be tolerated, even the hated Colonel Qaddafi himself.  Even the Governments supported by the US and Europe are caught unawares and found it difficult to adjust to the new paradigm.

Then the West itself sufferred demonstrations by the dispossessed and those bearing the tax burden when teh wealthy were not.  Wisconsin first and then the Occupy Wall Street and its corrolaries around the world in various Cities like London UK and Oakland CA.

This has brought joy to my heart as the Republican super minority in teh Senate has created havoc in the markets since GWB himself was President making the current President's attempt a BiPartisan solutions look like a failure as the simply refuse to admit solutions they both agree with through teh Senate.  Meanwhile the Banks are making record Profits with their major clients, teh Corporations following suite.  Those same Corporations moving work overseas so they don't have to pay the wages that have been hard fought for in teh US and other nations in teh West.  These Corporations if they really are persons should be charged with some crime related to disloyalty to the Nation, in my opinion.

So how is this going to wash out?  Will the Banks in Wall Street be rained in with there irrational excesses with other peoples money, will the Republicans suffer an absolut drubbing at the next Federal Election as there perfiddy becaomes obvious even to Fox Television.  The presidential candidates have demonstrated stupidity on a grand scale heretofor unkown at that level.  John Huntsman is the only sensible one amongst them and he is marginalised to be ignored.