Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Creation Museum in Kansas (Where else?)

The news of this momentous event came to me vi athe radio from the BBC over the News Radio ABC station. Although, by itself, it just seems like an odd thing that only happens in Queensland (here in Australia) or Kansas in the USA by analogy, on further thought it appears more dangerous. The reason I say that is simple The Creation Museum is a travesty of any facts. It will teach that Adam walked with the dinosaurs, when he clearly would not have known of their existence, and man did not exist when the dinosaur roamed the Earth. That Noah had dinosaurs in the Ark, if Adam could not possibly have known about them, how could Noah?

I would like to know, where in the scriptures does it tell us dinosaurs existed, and, being in this Great Land of Australia, I would like to know where in teh scriptures does it tell us about kangaroos. Apparently marsupials were not known to Adam or Noah or the scripture.

This would concern me if my children were being taught in this school district where "Evolution is Just a Theory" is stamped or posted in the text book, or where excursions are to this museum. How are they going to understnd Geology, Biology, Paleontology, Micro-Biology, etc, etc.

Are students from the midwest going to fail there subjects on mass. Is the US going to give all the progress in those subjects and others related to China and Europe?

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