Friday, January 07, 2005

A Breed Apart, or Creationism Has A Problem

A breed apart - Science -

"'Darwin and Wallace would be pleased,' adds White. 'What better demonstration that humans play by the same evolutionary rules as other mammals?'"

Indeed, and I wander if our Creationist friends are watching this story as it develops. The Flores discovery is being held up at the moment by R.P Soejono of in Jakarta. If we can get better cooperation from Academia in Indonesia and try an allay the fears that we may steal the credit for the discovery or some such, more progress will be made to answer the question.

Were these creatures, a new species or not?

"Russell Ciochon, a paleoanthropologist from the University of Iowa, says: "I suspect that creationists will act very negatively toward this discovery. It shows that humans were not alone. There may be other dwarfed species lurking in the caves of other isolated islands. Each new discovery will subtract some essence from the uniqueness of humans."

Russel Ciochton is hoping to make as most as he can on this issue with creationists.

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