Sunday, October 19, 2008

Intelligent design debate brews controversy in Texas

Here is a bit more information about the Texas Science Standards Review Panel.  Notice 2 of the anti-evolutionists on the panel are out of state.  Why is it necessary to appoint non local people from a state as big as Texas? 

I would guess the Republican Party members appointed or voted for  have appointed them for a reason, to establish a pro evolution point of view, or at least a voting duality.  I wander how flexible it will be in reality as they are not elected, just appointed.

The anti-science position of the literalist fundamentalist biblicalists group may be voted out as time moves on with the evidence of their Republican politicians being seen a failures in the Economy.

News 8 Austin Story : Intelligent design debate brews controversy in Texas - 10/15/2008 8:49:37 PM

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Spencer Troxell said...

For some reason I don't think alot of 'value voters' are going to budge. If anything, they are probably more entrenched than before. They are feeling defensive because they are now a political minority, and they feel betrayed by moderate republicans. The passage of the antidemocratic marriage bill in California is a sign that they are still strong. As is the democratic strategy to court such voters by toning down their social liberalism. Young earthers have everything to lose in these anti-evolution cases, so they're going to fight hard. Batten down the hatches.

PS, it's funny that we had the same idea for a profile pic.