Monday, December 17, 2007

Faith in Politics

Finally we have a Prime Minister who has a rational and caring policy consistent with the Christianity I understand and have been taught and read all these years.  Basically, he agrees that a good Christian has Faith as a doing word.  That they follow the example of Christ and minister to the poor and needy, whatever their circumstance and condition.


The example by the overtly Christian John Howard (who recently lost his seat and his party (Liberal Party of Australia) lost Government) was one of a vindictive judge of all, incarcerating people arriving on our shores without documents and denying them due process.  Passing draconian laws that criminalized what was a difficult and arduous way of arriving in Australia, splitting up families, and causing untold psychiatric harm to innocent people. Fortunately there is an end in sight now.


Parts of the Australian Labor Party and other organizations like Safecom in Western Australia. Legal representatives for these same undocumented visitors, asylum seekers.  With authors such as Robert Manne, David Corlett, Clive Hamilton and many others, I have learnt of the Fascist nature of John Howard and his Cabinet of mean spirited people.  They are gone now with the extraordinary thing, The Prime Minister lost his seat, only the second time since federation.  I would like to think that pure self-interest is now discredited and a more humane society.  Remember the Media confirms, sometimes with a delay, these important observations, so we must mention The Melbourne Age and The Australian to round it out.


As I watch the US and the Bush Presidency self destruct where contradictions appear more frequently from within.  Hopefully it is indeed just a matter of time before a change occurs in that great nation.


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