Sunday, April 16, 2006

NO, Creationists haven't taken the hint.

It seems that the Judge was wrong, "an activist judge abusing his appointment by Saint George W Bush." Judge Jones applied the law as he understood it and made clear his reasons, nothing in his judgement could be misrepresented as being activist. What would be activist would be calling the imposition of Intelligent Design into the science curricullum of Dover High School as reasonable. Of course it is nothing of the sort. More and more the evidence is pointing to a continuation of the campaign against evolution in biology by the Discovery Institute and it's associates. Claims against respected scientific enquiry without any basis in fact are common. What they do claim is that the work being conducted doesn't fit into their definitions, the definitions only they hold. ON top of "Intelligent Design" and "Creationist" arguments, there are even the "UFO/Alien Abduction" crowd getting into the discussion with variations to "Panspermia" and Aleien intervention into the development of homo sapien sapien. The evolution was moved along by genetic engineering of some lower life form like "homo erectus", although why that paticular progenitor, I don't know. So why not analyse the evidence? Why not look at what the various claims from th evarious groups are. This will require some neccessary reading. It doesn't matter what field of enquiry one undertakes, reading is essential to look at the literature and find what has been said before and what the current thinking is. So we have 4 broad categories thus:
  1. Creationism
  2. Intelligent Design
  3. Evolution
  4. Alien Intervention.
We will analyse each and then do some comparative alalysis and logical analysis of the arguments. We need to be able to understnd some "Logical Fallacies" inorder to wheight the arguments. Just a point on reading. Read from the sources if you can, in other words, read a creationist on creation and an evolutionist on evolution. Use your own faculties of reason to come to a conclusion. Creationism By far the oldest of ideas concerning the origins of the Earth and Man is a literal interpretation of Genesis Chapter 1,vs 1-27 and Chapter 2, 1-7. Often this only is the reference except where the Bible itself refers to those same passages elsewhere. Archbishop Ussher whose "Annales veteris testamenti, a prima mundi origine deducti ("Annals of the Old Testament, deduced from the first origins of the world"), which appeared in 1650 and its continuation, Annalium pars postierior in 1654. The English translation you can get by clicking on the above link. Considering the 17th century date I find it curious that it is still being touted as the last word on the Genesis debate and Evolution vs Creation. Of course we must remember the possibly pre-exilic date fro Genesis and even earlier if you include all the other cultural origins stories of the Middle East. Reference:
  1. Fall in the House of Ussher by Stephen Jay Gould

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