Monday, December 05, 2005

Intelligent Design and Stubborn Littigants

Intelligent Design Might Be Meeting Its Maker

Laurie Goodstein's oped is interesting in its summation and has assisted me in quiting some predjudice statements I have made in the past. What were they? Well, simply putting all Christian Fundamentalists in the same club as the ID'ers and Young Earth Creationists. No longer will I do so. Interpretation of the scriptures varies and so to Biblical Literalists and Evangelical Christians. So thankyou Laurie.

It seems clear to me that despite William Dembski's objections, ID has been struck down in more areas of the search for truth than just Biology. With the Dover School Board in Pennsylvania now out of the picture for all practical purposes due to an election changing the board to a pro-science stand, we now await Kamsas and Utah and a host of other places in the US. Even Berkely California (Couple sues operators of UC Berkeley Web site that teaches evolution) is struggling with people that are either ignorant of the issues and definitions or plain stubborn, more likely the latter. All this will achieve is making an income for the Lawyers. Since the Berkely site (Understanding Evolution) is clearly an educational site and bares no resemblance to any religion I know, yes, even natural materialism, or whatever is alledged. I'm sure the University can find more productive uses for its budget than provide funds and time to fight this trivial matter that any educated person with a High School Diploma should be able to resolve.

I am pleased to see that the Science and Theology crowd have ditched ID as a genuine science, it looked a bit dicey at times. The IDer's had a chance to get funded in a research program to establish the basic tenets of ID. Simply put, Dembski's argument is one from ignorance. We don't know how something evolved (it's path) so we can infer Intelligent Design, we of course can do nothing of the kind. It is a glorified "God of the Gaps" argument, on ethat has fallen down on it's basic irrational assumptions and conclusions.

I suppose that all this will eventually blow over untill the next assault or "Wedge Attack" on Evolution.

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