Saturday, March 26, 2005

'Call to arms' on evolution - 'Call to arms' on evolution: "Nearly one-third of science teachers who participated in a national survey say they feel pressured to include creationism-related ideas in the classroom. And an alarmed science establishment is striking back in defense of teaching evolution.
'I write to you now because of a growing threat to the teaching of science,' National Academy of Sciences chief Bruce Alberts says in a letter to colleagues March 4. He calls on academy members 'to confront the increasing challenges to the teaching of evolution in public schools.' The nation's top scientists belong to the congressionally chartered academy." It seems the science community is finally getting up enough steam to deal with the nonsense in York, Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the great USA with regard to "Intelligent Design" and the topic in Biology which covers Evolution. It would appear from the article which covers a survey of science teachers, gives us a picture of those teachers and the battle ahead, one that is being lead by a minority opinion that is load and unimformed.

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