Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Don Tolman at Hilton on the Park in Melbourne

My beautiful and intelligent partner for the eternities has brought me along to a Don Tolman lecture (for lack of a better discriminator), starting with a short movie introducing the "Indiana Jones of Health Food" from Texas no less.

Where Truth and Health Lies.
The three revolutions of Self Care.
The Pharmaceutical Industry is a 3 to 4 Trillion Dollar industry.
Criticises the modern education system actually discourages the natural inquiry innate in our little ones from a very early stage. Something I do agree with him.

The rest, well, shall we say, where's the science mate?

One thing he keeps reminding his audience is that 98% of all biopsy results are false. This is a very high figure and combined with his tube theory of our bodies sounds out there with the faeries. Where is the evidence? Usually a number of self reported successes in treating the disease. With no controls or reports of failure of the treatment. The treatment of course is Pulse, a Biblical based diet regime Don Tolman found in some un-described ancient document held at some unspecified collection at an unspecified location of some un-referred wealthy American.

Long on rhetoric and short on evidence, with just anecdotes to convince the credulous, and to top it off, it was a sales routine for his camps, held at resorts and hotels like this one, on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

As a dietary regime the Pulse is probably the better of the ones I have seen. And I have to agree the self education and enquiry is a good thing, the Academy does not have monopoly on wisdom, indeed, far from it.

I have no objections to an investigation of his claims or spending good money on his Camps. However please don't spout his anti science rhetoric as it lacks evidence and honesty.

Clifford M Dubery
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